Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hairpainting: The Trend for 2014 and Beyond

Fiddling with the radio during the rush hour drive to our highly anticipated balayage class on the Monday after Easter, the new car smell of Lenny's Porsche and fresh air of spring gave a boost to our morning.  Arriving at our destination, The Color Cafe in Greenwhich, my Hair family and I continued on to our day of education.  Kim Sclafani, owner and Loreal educator filled us with motivational quotes and movie star portraits while informing our staff of the future of highlights.

Hair painting, known as balayage, is sweeping across magazine covers and pinterest boards as the modern look in hair color.  The finished results are brilliantly sun kissed for a day at the beach brightness or a sun drenched weeks full of light depending on the outcome desired.  It is a technique truly customized for each person and can add bold pops of blonde or subtle strands of shimmer to enhance overall tonality. 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Shake That Short Hair

Cutting long tresses short is a major decision for some women.  The release of weighted locks often comes after serious contemplation.  A ruler may be sought out as they measure inch per inch, holding tight to the stylists chair with red knuckles and tense jaw, until the final moments when scissors are placed before them, hair is dried and finishing creme applied.

A stylist gets to watch this magical transformation.  The women stands from the salon chair as we watch in awe.  She shakes her head and exudes the lightness of her entire being. Cheek, jaw and brow structure prevail in all it's natural beauty and a smile protrudes with ease and confidence in her lock shorn decision. Overgrown tresses swarm the floor looking dead and lifeless and remind her of it's uselessness. She will strut out of the salon door. 

Heads will turn!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Hair Play

Last Monday night I braved the snow covered roads and headed into the salon for a brief yet extremely inspirational Moroccan Oil class.

I had the morning off to help my kids build their frosty, listen to their feet crunch in the sun saturated snow covered ground all the while bundled in a cozy sweatshirt and jeans and sipping on a steamy, milky hot chocolate.  Finally the plows cleared the roadways and when my kids sitter arrived, I was on my way to observe the editorial stylist braid it up.  

If they can fly Emmanuelle Campoliete from Canada then I can head down my treacherous little mountain hills!
Using a root boost and a matte paste, our creative educator emphasized her models' hair texture with every movement of her talented hands. She Wove and weaved and squished and pulled braid upon braid creating a raspy, modern runway style. After pulling tufts of wispy face framing strands, Emanuelle lightly sprayed a waft of hairspray et voila,   Love

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Hair Color World 2013

San Francisco Treat

In the fall of 2013, I took a whirlwind voyage to the other side of the seas, San Francisco, for a class with color expert, Gina Kahn of Logics.  Traveling with an entourage of long-time cohorts, my friends at Hair and I delved deep into a bold yet often natural hair color world, refining our formulations and techniques with laughter and confidence.
Awoken in the wee morning hours and still on eastern standard sleep time, we grabbed a cup of hotel joe and headed on the bus to the Walnut Creek salon.  Class time!  We were ready to brighten our muddied color waters, refresh, and refine.

As always, Gina kept it real.  She brought on techniques and formulations to enhance all realms of the color wheel... Blonde hair models were toned butter or platinum, brunettes glazed Bambi tones, and a red head spiked just ever past natural.
Using grey hair as our friend, mild color was saturated over strands in hues of ultra pastel honey, sandy taupe and butterscotch for low maintenance color results and an uber natural look.  Remember, "You can't kill grey".  People try, they never win!

 But you could always befriend them blonde.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Bells Will Ring

Capturing the spiritual mother daughter moment as the bride is assisted with her intimate final details, post hair and make-up buzz, pre-bridal party photo shoot. With few others, including photographer and videographer, in attendance, I am given the honor of pinning the veil and with this, a witness to quiet, precious moment.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baliage and Chops Ahoy!

Firm bristles swipe creamy lightner across soft, razored locks. Bold champagne bubbles over rich honey blonds. Copper shines upon rich auburn reds. This spring 2013 brighter is ultimately better.  Depth is created while bold or slender lights create pops throughout the hair.  A razor cut can shatter a bob, a side fringe will highlight the cheek bones and a clean edge length gives ends shape to freshen hair up for the seasons hottest "chop"!

Blondes Away,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spring Fling

Spring 2012

Bouncy, bendy voluptuous hair is bumping the flat iron on its hard-edged side this season.  In exchange we are rolling curling wands and hot rollers around our strands to bring texture and body back into its hot spot in the summer sun.  The look is less controlled as this carefree time of the year often brings on the release of our locks as it does our daily routine.

Think of Sandy in Grease.  The pivotal scene where Olivia Newton-John smashes out her smoke with her stiletto pump wearing leather cigarette pants and bold red lipstick. “Tell me about it, stud.”  
Sandy knocks the socks off of John Travolta’s prepped out greaser and turns heads all over the town fair. The scene presents a real character transformation. The girl next door has turned into a vamped out sex kitten overnight.  Hot stuff!
Along with shedding the poodle skirts, she opposes her previously prim persona by turning in her subdued blond bob for voluptuously bouncy locks. Sandy smashes on her good girl image with true opposition, a teenage rebellion in its own right.  Would her new image have created such an impact without her new do? 

Get your sexy back and create your own bounce, wave and texture!

My talented co-workers displayed their tips and tricks for the rest of our staff during an in salon hair share day.  Using large barrel curl irons and rollers, they plumped up strands to give them lift and life.  Melissa pumped out Kardashian waves while Charles demonstrated Grace Kelly like sets.  Retro glamour made modern. 
For a modern look…use 1 ½ “ rollers or iron and roll away from face…think Farrah.
For a simple solution…set large or random sections of hair loosely around heat.
For longer lasting wear… clip hair after rolling and leave in till hair cools completely.

Add light wax or a drop of oil to separate and add shine after hair has cooled.

For a super quick fix…spray a dry shampoo on day dirty hair then hit strands with heat or pop in a few Velcro rollers.

After all this brushing up I was ready to tackle a more permanent solution.
Get ready… the American Wave!